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TTC – PVC Check Valves & PVC Foot Valves are used in potable water, industrial plants, chemical plants, irrigation supply, golf course construction, pool & spa. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the thermoplastic materials most frequently specified for a variety of products used in the pipe and fittings industry.

Design standards: TTC PVC Check Valves & PVC Foot Valves are made to conformed to ANSI, AS/NZS1477, BS, DIN, JIS, NPT and BSPT Standards. The standards include thread and socket specifications, length, wall thickness, burst test, material test, quality control and identification requirements.

Features & Advantages

PVC Check Valves or Non-Return Valves are designed with either ball or spring type. Fluids are allowed to pass in one direction only. Operation can be horizontal or vertical.

PVC Foot Valves are designed with ball type. The Foot Valves are made from PVC with EPDM seals. They are used for pump suction services.

Size range
From 1/2" to 4”
ANSI, AS/NZS1477, BS, DIN, JIS, NPT and BSPT Standards
Test pressure
225 PSI @ 73 F
Working pressure
150 PSI @ 73 F
All raw materials are virgin plastic with no lead; mercury.
All Valves are tested and supplied with quality certificates.
The material can withstand most types of acids & based in industrial, chemical, potable water and irrigation application.
All valves are easy to operate, high quality and very economical.

Products available

PVC Check Valve & PVC Foot Valve

Check Valve Ball
1/2" - 4"
Check Valve Spring
1/4" - 2"
Foot Valve Ball
3/4" - 4"
Foot Valve Ball
(For Artesian Water)